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Busy time for T-shirts even in the Cold Weather.

Hello again, It's been a very busy time for us at Block, moving premises and lots of orders of glow in the dark t-shirts. Even though the Weather is getting much colder the orders have in fact picked up. Halloween and Christmas are our busiest times, Gifts and costumes are the key themes that are selling. With the move complete and the orders caught up on, I now have time to get on with other tasks such as writing in this blog for starters! I still have a clear view of where I want the website(s) to go. This blog is currently having an overhaul and the actual business side of things is still having new procedures implemented and new product ideas are being tested out. I must admit it's slow progress at times however it's best to learn to walk before you try to run so I'm happy to put these ideas on the back burner so as not to overload everything else. It's been a great year for us here, the website launch back in May has gone from strength to strength. It has developed quite a bit from the early days and I've had some great comments regarding the professional look of the site which obviously gives the customer the trust to make a purchase. I'm looking forward to the new year but it does quieten down in January as peoples wallets recover from the Christmas. The Halloween period had been a huge success, orders have slowed down slightly this week who knows there might be a last minute rush for those who haven't got costumes sorted yet. Have a great Halloween and stay tuned for Website changes including new offers, prizes, newsletters... the list goes on!

Date and time:  2012-10-21 08:50:30

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