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Been a long time since my last post here's an update of how things have been going. The website is growing my back links to the site have shot up from about 8 to 49! this means bots such that search the Internet for the search engines are more likely to come across my site and so think it is more important. Also my monthly impressions have shot up as well (a link between the two me thinks?) I have been receiving steady t-shirt orders from the website and my target over the next month or two is to average a t-shirt order per day and that's more than possible. In the office I've decided to get organised so things that I normally put off I will find easier to do and I will be more likely to get them done and out of the way. Cash flow, as with most businesses even established ones, is always a problem the good thing about the website is most people pay first then get the order leaving a couple of days before the money can be swapped from accounts.

Date and time:  2011-10-10 02:39:00

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