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More t-shirt website updates

Just finished an automated email facility for my website. I can now send emails to any customer with the click of a button telling them when their t-shirt order has been received, or shipped. This will send a pre template email but will add in the customers name and what they have paid so they can double check their order is correct. Its all about stream lining and making things easier baby! Think I have also finally rewrote my pay pal IPN script so it will check that the pound values that have gone through pay pal are actually correct and no ones trying to fiddle me. It was as simple as changing "Price" to "RRP" but in a script that is 175 lines long you can see why I've been putting it off. Then again got a meeting tomorrow with Barclay's bank to get automated payment straight into my account! woooo! get rid of Pay pal all together? Well maybe not, some people still want to pay with it grrrr lost money ;(

Date and time:  2011-09-01 14:45:00

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