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First week of Fully Self employed.

Well I have done it! Finally. Out in the big world on my own as a self employed business man. I've got to say its scary and exciting. Motivation is key at the moment got to keep selling those t-shirts and working to find new leads, new products, better stock. There is less stress to get printing jobs done as I have loads more time. The paper work side of things is easier to manage as well because of the extra time. I am missing the banter of work colleagues but I pop in from now and then to catch up. As for the t-shirt side of things the new designs are coming along well. I'm starting to get back into my graphics, art and drawing again after about 6 years! (I'm a bit rusty) I feel my new designs might be able to give Block the image I have been looking for.

Date and time:  2011-08-31 04:41:00

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