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A unique built from scratch website that works!

Having gone through months of learning scripting languages such as PHP I had now produced a website that I was ready to put some advertising into. The site has an Administration section that you or a staff member can login to securely. They can add, edit or delete t-shirts they can update news posts, add pages and the great thing about the Administration page is that you don't need to know any coding!! This means that any future staff can run the website view transactions and orders and reply to comments with little training. The website automatically sends emails to myself and other staff members updating you of t-shirt orders, sales and enquires. The site structure and layout also means it's fast loading and all the code validates so no errors occur so works in all main web browsers. Even though google sees a hundred or more web pages for the site there is only about six to ten pages to maintain this is due to the dynamic nature of the php scripting and makes it super easy to edit code or change the look and feel of the site. This has taken me a long time involving a lot of research and teaching myself not just coding but website SEO advertising and is something I am very proud my business has. A unique built from scratch website that works!

Date and time:  2011-07-29 00:55:00

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