My t-shirt blog all about the Block business.
How I got into printing t-shirts

I was always into Art and after my A-levels I went to Hull College to improve my portfolio before University. I took a foundation course that lets you try out different areas of Art and design before picking one, I picked Illustration. We had a lot of time in the print rooms learning techniques that have stayed the same for years. Etching, screen printing, Lino cut, wood block cut, I enjoyed all of them my favorite was Lino cut and I didn't get chance to do much screen printing. I set up my first business after college to sell my own paintings, I sold a few in Beverley near Hull, had some of my work in Ferens art gallery, I even had one sold in London. The business evolved into copiers and it was then that I started looking into t-shirt printing.

Date and time:  2011-07-18 12:37:00

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